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Whale Media is one of Europe’s leading product testing media company. We test hundreds of products each year. Based on our test results, we create review articles and videos that help millions of consumers make better purchases.


We want to be proud of every piece of content we publish. We follow rigorous testing protocols, and we try to be as impartial as possible while making our recommendations.


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Selectos is our generalist product review website, with real category experts and real testing. It is recognized as one of the most authoritative and highest quality of its kind in Europe.

Lavelab is our brand dedicated to the testing of cleaning products such as robot, stick and wet/dry vacuums.

Ridermood is our brand dedicated to the testing of electric mobility products such as electric bikes and scooters.

Bedbedtime is our brand dedicated to the testing of sleeping products such as mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows.